i am a barista of one

finally a new post, i have a few others that i will post in the next few days.

sorry about the lack of updates all

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Cheshire Aniala said...

A random google search of "i hate my job" brought me here. Although, I am certain that we are employed by separate coffee chains, I feel your pain. I am consistently fucked out of breaks by a fat assed, arrogant, moody, unreliable sloth like store manager with an undeserved sence of superiority. For months after I got there, employees were only allowed one ten minute break and one half hour lunch per 8 hour shift. In this state, at least, two ten to fifteen minute breaks and a half hour lunch are required by law per 8 hour shift. My claims went unheard until I was able to bring in an actual copy of the statute. I've done my homework and her "clever" scheduling plan of shifts consisting only 7 hours and 50 minutes is also quite illegal. I'm not going to be doing this job forever but I sure as shit don't want to let a waste of space like her take advantage of desperate people. And you'd fucking have to be desperate to work there. I guess it is time for me to drop a line to corporate.


I love your comics. An image search fueled by bitter rage resulted in me laughing my ass off. Thank you.