and then theres this guy

okay, theres this guy that came in and was all like "end of the day mode", he had thetop button unbuttoned, the tie loosened, shirt half un-tucked, the works.

and he swaggers up and says the lamest thing a person could say.

well two,

first he called me "guy" which i hate,

and second,

"latte me..."

what the hell is that?

latte me.

and yes, as he said that, he did throw the horns.


(and ive tried making these comics web friendly, however there are limits to the size allowed by blogger and unless i want to move it to a web comic server, which i dont really want to yet, it will have to stay the way it is for the time being, i hope that its cool with everyone.)


Anonymous said...

First held back snort/giggle at work of the day.

Thank you.

biteyourowntail said...

God, what a pillock. Do you say pillock in the States, probably not. I'm surprised you haven't been driven to murder yet. But thank you for the laughter.

Anonymous said...

Those are super funny, I really love it!

Yeah, my job is pretty boring your sites make for perfect time killer!

Will love to see more of those!

J ;)

Prozacville said...

Big enough for me...

Sarah - the_sorch (LJ) said...

Grrr, I know that guy! he lives in New Zealand too!