this one started about a week or so into working there, women come in and pay for their orders and hand me money or cards with bits of paper or post its attached.

and on these bits of paper are phone numbers and then from the customer... a wink.

and there is no easy out on this one, you cant really pretend you didnt notice, and there is no way in hell youre going to follow up.

so i smile lamely and say, thank you, your drink will be up in a few minutes

the discovery is that older women seem to have the sex drives of a thirteen year old boy.

the perfect cosmo match


Prozacville said...

I'm just trying to work out how to size these mamas so they're easier to read. Maybe if you did the strip going down vertically rather than horizontally. It'd be quite revolutionary in a way, and very 'NET' in that we'd have to scroll down to read. It would feel organic.

Have I convinced you yet?

I don't mind clicking, but I often come back to the blogs I like to re-look at the toons I like and in this way I'd see them all BIG...

patrick said...

im working on figuring out a good format for the comics, ill look up some tutorials and other web comic sites for ideas.

thanks for the feed back, its helping make these things even better.

eleKtrofly said...

ha-- this happened to me a lot too, when i was a barrista.