another in the life as a coffee wage slave, single panel as i think that is all that is needed in this case.

i really dont think that she was happy with this discovery, what can i say, we had had a run on scones, and by nine we were out.

i just got real quiet and shrugged and offered her a muffin on the house.

and suddenly she was my friend.

sometimes i really hate people.


VĂ©ro said...

People can be real jerks at time.

I hope you have some good days with people who make you laugh nicely if I may express it this way.

Keep on smiling.

biteyourowntail said...

I've had too many jobs where I had to deal with people so I can relate all too well to how you feel...

So glad you've got this up and running...I'll be back.

Bearuh said...

Hey this is a really great blog!!! You have some really funny and interesting stuff. I will be back for more!!!! :D

patrick said...

thank you all!

Sarah (the_sorch - LJ) said...

ohh you're totally bringing back memories of when I worked at the supermarket!! haha!